Mercedes pumps up the diesel

MERCEDES-BENZ SA has completed its E-Class and C-Class model range with the introduction last week of the E250 CDI and C220 CDI.

The wto diesel models could not be launched last year owing to delays in production.

According to Mercedes-Benz SA the two engine derivatives form an important part of the brand as statistics showed that 40percent of Mercedes-Benz purchases were diesels.

Under the bonnet of the E250 CDI BlueEfficieny is the new four-cylinder, twin-turbo unit, while the C220 is also driven by the same engine.

But, the E250 CDI has a greater power output than the C220. The E250 CDI produces 150kW of power, while the C220 produces 125kW and torque stands at 500Nm and 400Nm, respectively.

The launch started at Mercedes-Benz SA head office in Centurion to Bela Bela in Limpopo. Both cars demonstrated good road qualities. The E250 CDI was the first vehicle we drove to Bela Bela and proved to be solid both on city and freeway driving.

Without taking anything from the C220, I wish the makers had given it the same power as the E250 CDI.

But the makers insist that by having the one 25kW less than the other was their way of separating the cars.

Nothing has changed in terms of what is available on these models as they are the same as those on the roads except for the engine.

I will spare you details of airbags and brakes in the cars.