Make it subtle, soft and natural

MAKE-UP can affect your career directly.

MAKE-UP can affect your career directly.

Doris Msibi of Image and Etiquette Coach says office make-up is all about being polished, professional and fresh.

She adds that office make-up should not be a hindrance in your job. It should be subtle, soft and natural.

"Applying office make-up is tricky and needs skill. This does not mean that you should look dull and boring. You should look great, attractive and confident. Make the most of your positive personality," Msibi says.

"But remember you are not getting ready for an evening party. What looks good in the bathroom mirror may look sick under the fluorescent lights of the office."

Joy Mabuza, a make-up artist at Mac, says that not all colours and shades complement the office environment. Some colours that you can safely include in your make-up palette are warm, earthy tones of eye shadow, brown and black mascara and eyeliner, warm-tone foundation, a blush of light colours like rose or peach and medium-toned lipsticks.

Mabuza says office make-up should look fresh all day.

"You need just a little touch up during the day," she says.

Here are some office make-up tips to make you look great and feel fresh all day, no matter how stressful your work may be:

First cleanse the face with cleansing milk. With the help of a toner, remove the excess cleanser to shrink the pores. Use a moisturiser.

Avoid foundation, but if you do not have a smooth complexion, you can use a little by adding some water to the foundation. Now pat some powder on your face. Highlight cheeks with a powder brusher.

Use liquid eyeliner to define eyes. Apply kajal and a single coat of mascara .

Apply lipstick and then blot with tissue paper to give them a more natural look.

l Do your make-up in natural light, not under artificial lights.

Use warm, earthy gold tones for cheeks to look natural under fluorescent lights. Pink shades are not for the office as your skin tone would look muddy. Women with dark skin tone should use browns, terracotta and maroon shades.

As far as eye make-up goes , use light colours of eye-shadow . Make-up in office lights look harsh and garish if not applied carefully. It tends to expose minor details . Also, avoid grey or blue. Use brown eyeliner and mascara instead of black, but black is not taboo. You can use black or mix both colours.

And use deodorant or a good floral body spray to smell nice the whole day.