Boozing mom loses children

SOCIAL workers in Limpopo have snatched three children from their mother because she "drinks too much and abuses them".

But Mmapula Kekana, of Malebitsa village in the Moutse area, has described the social workers' reasons for removing her children as "hogwash".

"I love my children very much and would never do anything to hurt them. I was shocked when they arrived at my house and told me that they were there to remove my children because I abused them," Kekana said.

"When I asked what they were talking about they refused to listen. What gives me sleepless nights is that my youngest child is only four months old and still needs breastfeeding."

Kekana said her troubles started two years ago when her aunt died and the aunt's children chased her out.

"I do drink but not like a fish. My first two children grew up healthy under myguidance.

"If the state thinks I will let them take my children from me just like that, they have another thing coming," Kekana said.

Some villagers said they were shocked by the social workers' actions.

"There was no reason for them to take those children away," Kekana's neighbour, Ouma Molwantoa, said.

Kekana's children - aged 14, eight years and four months - are currently under the care of a foster mother.

A note of detention from the social workers reads in part: "It was agreed between the social workers and her that she will change her drinking habit, but following the report of repeated abuse we had no choice but to remove the children from her."