Pupils sick after hostel gas leak

SAFETY at schools in Limpopo came under the spotlight when a number of pupils fell ill after inhaling fumes from a gas cylinder.

Pupils at Kuschke Secondary School in Polokwane had to be taken by ambulance to Polokwane Medi-Clinic after they reportedly inhaled gas from a cylinder in the male hostels.

The pupils were bathing when they realised the geyser was not working. One of them reportedly switched the gas on to activate the geyser when smoke started coming out.

The pupils started feeling dizzy. Some of them started vomiting while others had diarrhoea.

Paramedics from ER24 were called and took them to hospital for treatment.

WhenSowetan arrived at the hospital some pupils still showed signs of weakness and others were sleeping in the reception area, waiting for a doctor.

The pupils said they had tried to open the bathroom windows when the smoke broke out but the burglar bars prevented them from doing so.

Eight boys received treatment for various ailments.

Department spokesperson Ndo Mangala said they would investigate to establish the cause of the incident.