Nationalisation 'still a priority'

THE ANC Youth League has reiterated it would continue to advocate for the nationalisation of mines.

Speaking at a press briefing at Luthuli House, the ANC headquarters in Johannesburg yesterday, ANCYL leader Julius Malema said:

"We accept that nationalisation of mines is not government policy, and that no one should attempt to stop the ANCYL from raising the debate.

"We want to influence a concrete ANC resolution to guide government on how nationalisation of mines should happen in South Africa.

"Investors, businessmen, government bureaucrats and mining practitioners should begin to adjust to the reality that the democratic state is going to have greater control and ownership of minerals and the actual process of mining in South Africa. The president of the ANC will never stop the debate on nationalisation of mines."

Malema said nationalisation did not mean exclusion of private ownership but that the government should be the majority shareholder of the mines.

He said a research document which involved the ruling party's alliance partners was already in place.

The research process would also include looking at how countries such as China, Venezuela and Zambia had applied the nationalisation concept.