Biola behind M-Net success in Africa

BIOLA Adekanbi knows what it takes to hold a top job in a highly competitive corporate environment.

As managing director of M-Net Africa, a place famous for its sophistication, she sets a fast pace. At a glance you could mistake the gorgeous Adekanbi for a model.

With not a single hair out of place and perfectly manicured nails, she oozes femininity, style and class. Adekanbi is chic, cosmopolitan and smart enough to want to know about how to take care of the business of running South Africa's pay TV industry.

When Adekanbi, who is responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction for M-Net activities across Africa, talks about her job, you sense that she knows what she is all about.

Since joining M-Net, she has spearheaded the brand-new Big Brother Revolution, alongside series such as Naija Sings, Comedy Club: Live in Lagos, Let's Dance and Tinsel.

"The challenge of expanding the channel's footprint in Africa is exciting. M-Net offered me a chance I could not turn down and I'm excited to be able to contribute to the development of the African television market.

"I am proud to be part of a company that has an enduring continental appeal," Adekanbi says.

The 37-year-old's rise in the corridors of power was a long time in the making.

To arrive at her current position she has gathered over 10 years of experience in the media and marketing industry with stints at Sesame Workshop, and Daewoo Motors America. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Adekanbi holds a Bachelor's degree in public health and marketing.

The Nigerian-born Adekanbi solidified her rising status when she landed a job in marketing, corporate sponsorship and educational strategy at a global level.

Always determined to follow her dreams, she joined M-Net after five years in New York at Sesame Workshop, where she served in a number of roles, including as educational outreach project manager and corporate sponsorshipmanager.

Adekanbi has also found time to serve as a fellow at the Nigeria Leadership Initiative, be an active member of the New York Women in Technology group and volunteer at the French-American Children Aid Fund and New York Cares.

She is also a mentor at AIESEC (International Exchange and Development Organisation), which actively contributes to the training and development of tomorrow's global leaders through mentoring and training programmes.

In a notoriously male-dominated corporate world, Adekanbi has achieved all of this while juggling the demands of raising a family, maintaining a balanced view of the world she inhabits and working very hard.

With her brain on board M-Net is sure to go places.