why men are after khanyi

I RECENTLY had the pleasure - yes it was a pleasure - of interviewing Queen of Bling Khanyi Mbau.

I RECENTLY had the pleasure - yes it was a pleasure - of interviewing Queen of Bling Khanyi Mbau.

Since then everywhere I go I am asked, 'how was Mbau?', and the question is asked in a tone that expects nothing less of me than total condemnation of this self-proclaimed celebrity.

While sharing their views they silently implore me to agree that she is an airhead and a scumbag. Sorry to disappoint but Mbau is bright, bold, articulate, determined AND materialistic - very materialistic.

Women like Mbau are an old phenomenon andI am not shocked by them. I am more disapproving of and fascinated by the men who fall for them over and over again.

Last week Mbau arrived at our radio studios for a scheduled interview. Her grand entrance was more like the eruption of a volcano.

Time stood still as colleagues left their desks and our housekeeping staff dropped their brooms to come and gawk at the ex-Mrs Mthembu. It was a sight to behold. Not since President Jacob Zuma's visit had we had such a commotion at our studios.

People like her shock the senses and spectators inevitably line up to see how anybody can be this daring. The problem, though, is that Mbau sees this interest in her life as admiration and not shock at what is essentially outrageous behaviour.

Some of those who have commented about the socialite's life argue that her lifestyle is unsustainable and that one day, when she is older, she will fall from a very high place.

I beg to differ. Mbau will survive and weather any storm that comes her way. She will continue to amass the most expensive possessions and live her Barbie Doll life.

You know why?

Because men are such strange creatures.

Comedian Steve Harvey insists that men do not cheat because they are unhappy at home or have the intention of walking out on their partners.

They cheat because there is always a woman available and willing to play this game with them. I suspect this is true of gold-diggers - or in Mbau's case - platinum-diggers.


They will always be around and survive because there is always a man willing to finance their lifestyle just for the pleasure of being seen with them.

Her latest sugar daddy - whom she calls her friend and mentor - is reported to have gasped at the J&B Met recently ". look at her, any man would kill to be with her..." Despite their public spat and the acerbic comments they have made about each other in the media he still salivates at the sight of her.

Haai, men! Women like me just don't get it. Why would you go for and stay with a woman who is unapologetically after your money? I doubt that gold-diggers exercise any restraint so any man who has had one would see the signs from the very beginning and cannot claim to have only realised much later that he was being fleeced by a little vixen.

If it is a young beautiful woman a middle-aged man is after, surely there are plenty more who are not after money?

If it is a dumb blonde that turns a man on, surely he can find one who is not after his money?

I can only conclude that rich men, especially sugar daddies, are drawn to the Mbaus of this world precisely because these young women want their money.

There must be some psychological, masochistic thrill to being with a young girl whose behaviour is nothing but parasitic. It is mind-boggling.

History has a very strange way of repeating itself. Just as her ex-husband and baby daddy was quickly replaced by a richer Theuns Crous, there is another man standing by waiting for the chance to "mentor" Khanyi.

Of course, these "mentorship programmes" come with Lamborghinis, apartments at the top end of the property market, all manner of bling and Brazilian weaves.

If her goal in life is to be pampered and live a Barbie Doll life without lifting a finger, then I'm afraid Miss Mbau is a resounding success.