prisoners behind 2010

PRISONERS have promised war on ex-convicts and criminals who threaten the Fifa 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Inmates of the Johannesburg Maximum Prison, also known as Sun City, said this during their inmate directors' soccer tournament yesterday.

They were reacting to articles about's interview with two men who said they were ready to attack tourists, rob and kill them during the World Cup soccer spectacle in June.

"They are giving us a bad name. The World Cup is for all of us and must be protected and supported," said convict Sifiso Khoza, who has been behind bars for eight years.

He said inmates were aware that there were forces that wanted to spoil the event.

"As inmates we want to warn the culprits that we won't stand for what they plan to do," Khoza said. "They must know that we don't have room for them in prison.

"When they are arrested for messing up the World Cup they will have to find another place where they can serve their sentences.

"If anyone is arrested for ruining the event we will give them hell."

Correctional Services head at Sun City, Thabo Thokolo, said it was not for inmates to punish criminals.

"We won't promote this, though we fully support the World Cup. We say 'no' to crime during the World Cup and beyond."

Former prisoners-turned-businessmen Kenny Kunene and Gayton McKenzie, who sponsored the inmates' tournament, said this was an opportunity for them to inspire inmates to be better people when they are released.

Kunene said: "We are no different from them. If we managed to come out of prison and stay away from crime they can also do it ... and the rest will follow."