DStv's Style Network Channel 183 will premiere a new show next week. What I Hate About Me will offer brutally honest expert advice and practical tips to assist women who are trying to gain confidence and improve their lives.

The show presents a whole new approach to makeovers by counting down every woman's most secret confessions.

Each unpredictable and candid episode centres on one woman who - sometimes reluctantly - reveals the top 10 things that she hates about herself.

From how she flirts, argues or dresses, to the way she deals with her family, roommate or boss, each woman will face hard truths and no topic will be off-limits.

The series is hosted by actress and Clean House regular Lisa Arch who joins a variety of notable experts to help tackle these issues one by one.

Each episode focuses on one confessor who counts down a private list of things she would most like to change about herself.

Her range of problems can be common, such as how she struggles to put together an outfit, why she is unwilling to take chances and why she cannot cook a good meal.

They can also be extremely private, including why she is jealous of her friends, why she hates the shape of her body and why she and her husband are rarely intimate.

In each revelation, no subject goes unexplored or is too sensitive as women bare their souls to cover topics centered on love, health, home, fashion, dieting, fitness, career and friendship.

After each confession, host Arch is joined by a specialised expert and the pair work together to present the participant with an easy solution in a thoughtful, constructive and completely candid way.

Through a series of cutting edge technologies, hands-on activities, helpful demonstrations, words of encouragement, plenty of laughs and perhaps some tears, each candidate is given the tools she needs to make positive changes, build confidence and knock each item off her list.

The diverse team of experts featured in the series includes psychologists, comedians, stylists, athletes, financial experts, life coaches and beauticians.

The hour-long series debuts on Monday at 10pm on The Style Network, DStv Channel 183.