Sowetan got it all wrong

I WAS disappointed to read your article that was reprinted in Tanzania on January 21 about Tanzanian model Happiness Magese.

In that article you stated as a fact that Magese paved the way for former Miss Universe Tanzania, Flaviana Matata.

This is factually incorrect and a lame attempt to credit Magese with the success of Matata, who is famous in her own right not only in Tanzania and South Africa but all around the world.

Matata's contract with Ice Models had nothing to do with Magese. Matata's mother agency, Compass Communications, is the one that negotiated a contract for her and all matters pertinent to her modelling future remain under the stewardship of Compass Communications.

I would also like to point out that through a simple search via Google you could have discovered that Matata was internationally famous before she got to South Africa.

This was due to her extraordinary performance and high placement in Mexico City in 2007 at the Miss Universe finals that were aired to a billion viewers around the world.

Matata has a huge international fan base and has been part of many international events and activities.

I respect Magese's success, but to insinuate that she had anything to do with Matata's achievements is false and misleading.

I hope your newspaper will correct this.

Maria Sarungi Tsehai,Dar es Salaam, Tanzania