Integrate SADF to secure SA

SOUTH Africans should know what is happening in the defence force.

SOUTH Africans should know what is happening in the defence force.

Former SADF members have been fighting for integration for more than 16 years. Mosiuoa Lekota, the former defence minister, rejected their demands, which are :

l The unfair dismissal of former members. Some were forced to take packages and others voluntarily resigned due to unfair labour practices.

These members have the best military training and no other skills except to use firearms and explosives. They can be easily hired outside South Africa.

l A few years ago troops were removed from the border and the police took over the patrols. How can police officers, who are not infantry soldiers, do thorough foot patrols? The SAPS have failed dismally to safeguard our borders.

Instead of integration, the state came up with the call-up system and insists on making members serve part-time as army reservists.

Why is the state now suddenly calling up former SADF members? Is the Fifa World Cup an issue or is state security at stake?

On January 30 there will be a selection at Natal Mounted Rifles near the Moses Mabhida Stadium. Why are former SADF members asked to work during the World Cup? Because they are well trained and disciplined or do they threaten state security?

The media should probe these questions . President Jacob Zuma is our hope. Also the military committee of which General Bantu Holomisa is a part .

Msitheli Pheta, Johannesburg