Silly ideas make ANC look foolish

AT TIMES, ANC proposals are are ridiculous and unrealistic.

Is it because of anxiety to portray this leadership as different from Thabo Mbeki's and Nelson Mandela's or is it because they can come up with nothing innovative?

Two proposals make the ruling party a laughing stock. To have the State of the Nation address on a Friday evening is ridiculous. Must soapies, football , boxing and peak-time advertisements be compromised for this?

Eastern Cape wants January 8 to be a national holiday. Does it mean December 16 must be called Cope Holiday or Rebirth of National Re-building Agenda or Umkhonto we Sizwe Day?

What about the birth of the SACP and of the UDF?

I won't be shocked if December 16-20 is declared the "week of the victory of the 2009 class project", because of Polokwane. As if that was more important than Stellenbosch, Mafikeng, Bloemfontein, Durban, Nasrec, Kabwe, Morogoro and Lobatse.

Minister Sicelo Shiceka wants councillors to be paid like MPs. Do they deserve such huge packages? The bloated cabinet costs taxpayers R500million.

The "shoot to kill" slogan was not favoured by citizens.

Minister Jeff Hadebe wanted Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria and Joburg people to use bicycles to work. That project failed to get off the ground.

I hope no one wants the capital to be moved to Nkandla and JZ's weddings to be celebrated as cultural and heritage days. And February 11? The release of Schabir Shaik a holiday?

Barbarah Mpungose, Vryheid