No justice for abused women

I'M disappointed by the manner in which abused women are treated in South Africa.

Every time a man abuses a woman and the matter is reported, one worries about whether a proper sentence will be handed down or the perpetrator will walk free.

I am referring to the case of Alexis "Lemmy" Mokgoro, who beat his common-law wife Brigitte Mashope and left her in a "vegetative" state and in a coma for five years or longer, only to be given a 10-year sentence with three years suspended for five years, bringing it to a miserly seven-year sentence.

When everybody thought Mokgoro was going to get what he deserved, he is now appealing his sentence and the case might be heard in 2011 or 2012.

What is wrong with our justice system?

What about Mashope's parents, who are almost without a daughter and who had hoped that justice would prevail?

To say that Mokgoro has special skills in IT and is a breadwinner does not mean a thing because he behaved like an ignorant, uninformed wife beater who is selfish and only thinks of himself and his own selfish motives.

I hope the murder suspects of Masego Kgomo also get what they deserve because no one gave them the right to end the life of the little girl.

Both the Mashope and Kgomo families should put their trust in God because the battle is His and He will avenge on all our behalf.

Zodwa Mtsweni, Equestria