Boxing SA rings changes

BETTER days have arrived for boxing.

Malefetsane Ngatane, chairperson of Boxing SA, yesterday delivered a message of hope when he outlined their plans for 2010.

"We must increase the financial fluidity. Boxing SA must have its own money in order to be self-sustainable," he said.

The government's funding of Boxing SA is around R3million. The audit report last year recorded an operating loss of R4,3million and that Boxing SA's debt exceeded its assets by almost R6million, with current liabilities amounting to R8,2million.

The report said Boxing SA's total expenditure for the year was R11,9million but revenue amounted to R7,4million, thus suggesting that it was on the brink of bankruptcy.

Acting chief executive Loyiso Mtya revealed last year that without the sanctioning fees (about R2,2million) they would not have been able to run boxing.

Ngatane said the image of boxing has to improve.

"Provincial titles will get our priority in order for national titles to regain their credibility," he said.

"We must not allow (just) any boxer to fight for national titles because that simply means we don't respect SA titles."

In the past it was a must for any boxer who aimed to become a national champion to first win the provincial title.

Most current national champions are not known and that sad state of affairs can be partly attributed to the national broadcaster for its 10.30pm slot on Friday night for boxing.

Ngatane said: "Programmes like Baby Champs, women's boxing and the revival of the Veteran Boxers' Association must continue. The quality of ring officials is also on our agenda.

"International title fights must be monitored."

He said there had been an increase in the number of South African international champions who should still be fighting for recognition.