Rapper Jay-Z feels great at 40

JAY-Z, pictured, feels fantastic since turning 40.

JAY-Z, pictured, feels fantastic since turning 40.

The 99 Problems rapper - whose latest Blueprint 3 album topped the US charts, giving him more number one LPs than any other solo artiste - insists he is happy with it because his career is going so well.

"I feel fantastic about turning 40, I'm in a great place, got a fantastic album, my 11th number one, which beats Elvis, so I'm feeling like the king of pop."

Despite his massive success, the star, who is married to Beyonce Knowles, insists he manages to stay grounded, thanks to the attitudes of his family.

"When people get success, they often start getting rid of their immediate circle, who knew them to surround themselves with yes men and women and they get lost," the rapper said.

"I have great friends around to keep me grounded, fame is a drug and your feet can get lifted off the ground but I try to stay centred."

Jay-Z - whose real name is Shawn Carter - also admitted he refuses to let his fame get in the way of leading a normal life. - Bang