Obsessed with ladies

I HAVE heard a couple of guys complaining about Metro FM DJ Eddie Zondi.

I am not one those people who spend precious time calling a radio station to send a shout-out to a loved one or relative. If I want to speak to her I will call her. Period.

I don't see the logic of telling the whole nation who I am dating or who broke my heart. But the fact of the matter is that there are people who do.

These are the people Zondi caters for on his show, The Obsession with Eddie Zondi. That is the reason why he is on the air every night playing American junk, much to my irritation .

So I decided to torture my ears for the sake of this column. I can't quite put my finger on it but Zondi has a way of interacting with male callers that leaves much to be desired.

He sounds irritated when it is a male caller. He becomes snappish and cuts to the point as if he just wants to get it done with.

There is nothing wrong with that because some people just like hearing their voices on the radio for no apparent reason and should be cut short

But if callers are not treated equally and if Zondi is using the programme to flirt with females he is not doing justice to the station.

In my book he should be charged with bringing the radio station into disrepute.

I listened one night when one female caller was announced by Zondi as the winner of a gig in Cape Town. She was obviously excited, which prompted Zondi to get up close and personal.

But the moment she announced that she would be taking her husband to the gig I could sense Zondi's disappointment.

He was done with her in a jiffy.

The less said about his choice of music the better.

But make no mistake, this show is purely and expressly for the ladies.