Abusers need lessons on how to treat women

I READ with interest a letter from Jacob Letsoalo about wife beaters.

I might not agree with him that nine out of 10 men beat their partners, but I do agree that men do beat their partners.

I used to do it regularly, until the day I was nearly jailed.

Then it dawned on me that beating a partner, or anyone for that matter, does not change their deeds or thoughts but rather makes them more cunning and better prepared.

It is my opinion that men beat their partners because they have no institution in the township where they can be taught, where they can learn and where they can teach each other how, or rather, what an ideal black man should be.

I strongly suggest that black men be given opportunities and places, like women, to learn about and engage in gender issues and what it takes to be a leader, father, lover to our great and blessed women.

Brian Mahlangu, Orlando East