Strangers to tie the knot

THE long-awaited 2 Strangers & a Wedding ceremony will take place at the Old Park Station, near Newtown, today.

Mary and Tshepo, as the golden Kaya FM reality show couple are known, will be the second couple of strangers to tie the knot on the show without having ever laid eyes on each other.

The two will see each other for the first time tomorrow after they have said "I do".

The normally tranquil square was bustling with activity yesterday as the wedding preparations got under way.

In the huge marquee, the catering and cleaning staff and all those handymen were putting the final touches or last nail in to make sure that the venue is indeed fit for a prince and princess.

The two and their families are going to spend the night at undisclosed plush Johannesburg hotels but will only see each other at the ceremony.