Cops versus cops in war over parking

JUNIOR staffers at the Nelspruit police station in Mpumalanga are unhappy about having to pay to park their private vehicles at work while senior staffers pay nothing.

Members of the police, who declined to be named, said anyone from the rank of an inspector down to that of a constable were forced to pay R50 a month for parking on the premises.

"Only junior staffers are forced to pay this money while those from the rank of captain to senior superintendent and director park for free," he said.

"This is unfair. Those who are not paying are the ones who earn the most money," said one of the frustrated cops. "The poor are becoming poorer while the rich become richer."

Mpumalanga police spokesman Superintendent Abie Khoabane confirmed what the junior staffers told Sowetan.

But he said it was an internal matter and that needed an internal solution.

"The matter is simply an internal arrangement at the police station," he said.

"If any of our members are against it they should complain from within rather than running to Sowetan.

"You won't help them with anything other than making a noise."

Meanwhile members of the police who live in the police barracks on the sixth and seventh floors said they were the most affected.

"It means that if I cannot afford to pay the R50 my vehicle has to be parked on the street while we sleep here in the police barracks," said another source.

"This needs to be reviewed. I don't think the provincial police commissioner is aware of the way we are treated here."