Sexy Shakira 'must tone down'

SHAKIRA'S boyfriend has urged her to be less sexy.

SHAKIRA'S boyfriend has urged her to be less sexy.

The Columbian singer admits Antonio de la Rua - the son of former Argentinean President Fernando de la Rua - was shocked the first time he saw her revealing outfit for the video for She Wolf, in which she cavorts in a cage appearing to wear just a black belt and stilettos.

She said: "He did not expect that at all. When he saw me in my flesh-toned leotard bodysuit, he was like, 'Could you not have worn a scarf at least'."

But the 32-year-old star has no plans to tone down her raunchy image and is planning a private show to make it up with Antonio.

She added: "I kept the cage from my She Wolf video. I may use it some other time."

The Hips Don't Lie singer recently admitted she wants to settle down and have children with 36-year-old Antonio - but only when she feels ready to stop working. "I need to continue being creative. It's my nature." - Bang