Spin event great fun

AS YOU know, we girls love a good time, especially if it's going to help the needy and help us lose excess weight.

So, last Saturday we went to a Spinnathon in Jozi, organised once again by the Hospice Association of the Witwatersrand.

The usual people who always support the hospice were there.

They included Tembi Seete, who looked like she needed to tone up, and the ever glamorous Rachel Tambo, who thankfully is not pregnant as she seems to do every year.

This time she was there with hubby Dali, who thankfully was not in one of his black dresses and handing out pillows with a suspicious grin.

The mall was packed with shoppers who looked bewildered at seeing the likes of Seete on a bike instead of a stage.

DJ Euphonick rocked the spinners by playing sexy tunes and we had a great time despite the fact that we did not recognise any of the other so-called celebrities.

Great to have helped, guys, and keep on giving to the hospices.