Hints to help men look great

MEN'S grooming products are one of the few toiletries that are booming in terms of market sales.

Samora Makasi of Alpha Nails and Beauty Studio in Midrand attributes this to men taking better care of themselves nowadays.

Makasi says that the gay market has also played an important part in the development of male grooming salons and spas as these clients enjoy having various types of grooming treatments and often buy male grooming products regularly.

"Women appreciate men who look after themselves, that is why many fancy gay men. Lots of men are seeing this and are rediscovering the lost skill of pampering themselves," says Makasi.

Makasi says be that as it may, many older men still find that unisex hairdressing salons and spas are too feminine and feel more comfortable in a traditional barbershop.

"Most spas and salons usually have a distinctive feminine atmosphere that intimidates older men. Barber shops, on the other hand, are more masculine," says Makasi.

She adds that male grooming is popular among people in jobs that put them in the public eye, such as models, actors, presenters, musicians, speakers and soccer stars.

"Most of them come for treatments that keep their skin in good condition, and may be interested in waxing treatments. We also do sports massages which are common among professional and amateur sportsmen."

Grooming tips for men


Go for a short crew cut or just take it all off.


If you've got a couple of rugs sitting above your eyes, it may be time for some eyebrow work.

You never want to have anything done that looks obvious, so make sure you have a professional do this.

Opt for a waxing job as opposed to tweezing.


For acne of all kinds, try taking hot showers. Hot water kills bacteria and shrinks white and blackheads. Also, if your health club has a steam room, take advantage of it. Steam is one of the best remedies. Of course, there are many other treatments for serious acne, so consult your doctor.


For teeth that shimmer when you smile, try any brand of whitening strips.

You can wear the strip while doing things around the house and they can be very effective. It's best to ask your dentist about which brand would be right for you because they are not all the same.


Fixing up your nails may be going over the line for some men and that's completely understandable. Although, I can honestly say that up until this point, you really should be looking into all of my suggestions.

If you do choose to give yourself manicures and pedicures, wait until you are fresh out of a hot shower. Your cuticles will be softer and less dry, creating less work.


Instead of cologne, try wearing suntan lotion or sunblock with a great scent. Be it winter or summer, the UV rays can harm your skin. Again, killing two birds with one stone is always the way to go!

Don't give up cologne entirely of course. Save it for a special occasion.


Fresh breath is very important. Carry breath strips or a mini bottle of mouthwash with you. This way you can freshen your breath within a minute. Gum is not the best thing to rely on as it gets in the way of a great conversation.

Know your skin type

This will help you get the most from your skin care regime. Use products designed for your skin type.

For example, if you have oily skin you want to be using an oil-free moisturiser and if you have sensitive skin look for a moisturiser with built-in sun protection. - Additional info www.metrusexual.co.uk