Act against Bishop Verryn

I WONDER if the Central Methodist Church, and Bishop Paul Verryn in particular, are aware that by hosting all manner of people who happen to be in the country illegally they are breaking the law.

Until when are we South Africans going to heed the call to join hands and fight all forms of criminality in the country? And this was supposed to start with everyone of us ... by ensuring that there was respect and full enforcement of the law.

But here we have a bishop (and a church) who is supposed to be a beacon of morality, among other things, deliberately and consciously breaking the law with his misguided pursuit of political correctness and challenging authority.

Similarly, there are sections of our society who have taken it on themselves and made it their occupation to "fight" for the hapless and poor by challenging anything the government tries to do to uphold and enforce law and order in the country.

And these people, including the bishop and saboteur NGOs, are motivated by nothing but hatred for authority, absence of alternative occupation and false political correctness.

So, what should be done?

The government and good citizens of this country must act swiftly and close down that church's so-called reception centre for migrants.

Arrest every lawbreaker at the centre. Verify the status of everyone out there, repatriate anyone illegal in the country and document anyone legally or genuinely deserving to be in the country.

Security on our borders must be upgraded and no illegal entry should be allowed .

Action must certainly be taken against the bishop and the church and similar NGOs for breaking the law.

Mahlomola Khumalo, Benoni