ANC must deal with Chuene

I AM amazed to read about the ANC's Jackson Mathebula calling on the IAAF to apologise to Caster Semenya and the nation.

I am not unpatriotic but I think the ANC is barking up the wrong tree.

I remember that, immediately after the Semenya's controversy, there were unconfirmed reports that the IAAF had ordered the ASA to conduct gender tests on Semenya long before the Berlin Championships. Those reports were rejected by the ASA.

It turned out that the ASA had in fact had the tests done. One wonders on whose orders.

My common sense tells me they were doing the the tests following IAAF orders.

I am not saying the IAAF is blameless but as custodians of the sport they have to safeguard the sport and ensure fair competition and sportsmanship.

If it meant testing the child once and for all, so be it. If fellow athletes complained they also had a right to be heard.

At one stage I also smelt racism but after listening to Leonard Chuene's admission of lying I am not sure anymore.

If the IAAF were that racist Chuene would have resigned a long time ago.

My advice to my beloved movement is to start closer to home and deal with Chuene once and for all.

We don't know for sure how many other high profile lies Chuene told.

The ANC's behaviour also confirms the theory that Chuene is untouchable and it becomes clear why provincial federations were afraid to pass a motion of no confidence in him.

Richardson Mzaidume, Pimville