Unusual gear at Shankara

Where is the shop?

Where is the shop?

SHANKARA is situated in the Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre, shop G48, between Woolworths and Fournos.

What kind of shop is it?

It's a fashion store that stocks hip, unusual fashion, mainly ladies' wear but we do have some items for men.

Tell us the story behind the name of the shop.

We started off as "Signia Jewellery". We were looking for a meaningful name and came across the name "Shankara" which has a nice ring to it and means "luck" in Sanskrit language. We thought to ourselves: "Who doesn't need luck?"

How long has the shop been open?

Since the beginning of December 2007.

How did you get the idea to open a shop like this?

We travelled between Joburg and Tel Aviv for many years and saw that there was a niche in the South African fashion industry that had not yet been explored. We wanted to bring an alternative range of quality clothes that are good quality from top Israeli designers to the local market.

What were you doing before this?

Sharon was studying communications and Talia was studying law at Wits.

What are your future plans?

We want to continue to bring functional and exciting fashion to our customers and perhaps open another branch.

What items do you stock?

Casual wear, jeans, and funky rock tops. Every piece in the shop is unique. We also stock jewellery to complement our collection.