THE blocked toilets at the Giyani magistrate's court have been emitting an unbearable stink.

Officials and the public who attend cases can no longer bear the stench which has been there for the last six months.

When nature calls, people are forced to go into the bushes to relieve themselves.

Sowetan has learnt that only managers had access to the use of a few functioning toilets.

A source within the magistrate's court said they had on several occasions complained to the court manager to fix the toilets but he "just ignored" them.

"Besides relieving ourselves in the bushes, we are working in a very hazardous situation because all the rooms next to the toilets are stinking."

One accused person, Thomas Nkuna, who came to attend his court case last month, said he was pronounced absent by court officials after he failed to respond on time when he was called twice to the dock.

He said the reason for his non-appearance was that he was still in the bushes relieving himself.

Nkuna lashed out at the court officials for continuing to mark other accused persons absent from hearings while they know that the blocked toilets were causing a problem.

Sowetan has also learnt that the cause of the blockages was the result of people using newspapers to wipe themselves.

Court authorities are accused of failing to supply toilet paper rolls .

Court manager Johannes Munyai, who is also responsible for purchasing cleaning materials and toilet paper rolls, declined to speak to the media.