A country betrayed

LEONARD Chuene must go.

LEONARD Chuene must go.

Chuene has admitted he lied to the nation about Caster Semenya's gender testing. While that is bad enough, he sent all of us on a jingoistic drive in which he got South Africans to see the onslaught against Caster as an attack against South Africa, black people and women.

Truth be told, we almost bought into the lie and many actually did.

Unrepentant, he seeks to find virtue in deceit. He did it for Caster, he would have us believe. Somehow he expects us to trust him now.

Instead of protecting Caster, as he deludes himself he has done, Chuene has exploited an innocent young athlete.

The ball is now in the court of Chuene's colleagues in Athletics South Africa's general council.

A week ago the council said it approved of the "manner in which Chuene and the ASA management handled the issue affecting one of its athletes with the IAAF".

It also confirmed "its support and confidence in Chuene, that he had handled the matter exceptionally well and advised him to continue defending the athletes".

By his own admission he clearly has not handled the matter well. He either lied to them as well or they were protecting him and are therefore complicit in his deceit.

If the former is true, they must demand his head on a platter soonest. If the latter holds, they too should be sacked.

While we are not fixated on winning at all costs, keeping this sorry bunch will be to endorse losers.