Parliament, Icasa allowed abuse

AS MUCH as we are expected to be thrilled about and to appreciate that finally the network and the fixed-line operators have acceded that their inter-connection fees are unjustifiably high, we should condemn the time and external pressure it took for Icasa to finally call the shots.

It should pain us that while we have parliament and Icasa as oversight players, supposedly, it took Arthur Goldstuck of World Wide Worx and the general public for Icasa to finally do what they should have done years ago.

The millions that have been stolen from poor people through treachery should concern us as to the capacity and or the will of these institutions to carry the mandate we have entrusted them with.

This also goes for many other institutions that only act because they are exposed or because people are up in arms.

This chronic inaction by Parliament and other institutions to protect the poor from exploitation leaves one no choice but to take seriously the allegations that some senior officials of these institutions are lobbied through bribes and corruption to turn a blind eye to the abuse of people they claim to serve and protect.

We should call for an investigation as to why it took Icasa and parliament's communications portfolio over a decade to expose the abuse.

And, these networks will continue to steal with impunity poor people's hard-worked millions while delaying meetings to finalise a reasonable inter-connection fee.

Luther Lebelo, Kyalami Hills