Government not doing enough for teachers

OUR teachers earn pitiful salaries, often work under abysmal conditions and have no meaningful career prospects other than the measly annual increments that are eroded by increased taxes and inflation.

A single teacher with 12 years service earns R12000 a month after tax, of which the take-home pay amounts to R8100.

It is impossible for such an individual to sustain a civilised lifestyle.

After paying rent and car expenses there is barely enough for two meals a day, let alone raise a family.

Our education system is abysmal and those in government who are in charge should be ashamed of themselves for not doing enough to create an environment in which being a teacher is a sought after, well paid and noble profession.

Teacher unions appear to be run and managed by docile individuals, incapable of rallying support to rock this government to its very foundation, eliminating the negative perceptions linked to this very important profession.

Peter Bachtis, Benoni