'City failed claimants'

THE public protector has found that the city of Tshwane failed to implement a resolution providing for the sale of sites in Lady Selborne, north of Pretoria, to former residents.

The investigation followed a complaint by Lady Selborne Concerned Applicants (LSCA), who claimed that the allocation and sale of sites in the area to former residents was unfair and irregular.

In June 2005 the council resolved that former residents who did not benefit from the land restitution process be allowed to buy sites in the area for R43000. But the LSCA complained that the Lady Selborne Ratepayers Committee (LSRC) had demanded that the beneficiaries secure a R750000 loan to qualify for allocation.

The LSCA, representing about 88 beneficiaries, also complained that the LSRC had allocated sites to non-beneficiaries in exchange for financial gain, and that the council had failed intervene to ensure the process was fair.

The public protector has recommended that the council take a decision on the feasibility of allocating sites at a specific price to former residents within 90 days of the receipt of the report. - Sipho Masombuka