Soweto gets special care

I HAVE been observing Soweto being given all the attention for 2010 and that concerns me as a South African citizen.

Every province has one new stadium or one is being rebuilt , but Soweto is given priority over the other townships. I am not jealous but I believe that all townships need to be developed.

I understand that Soweto is the biggest township in Africa and has a history, but it is a township and not a province. But it seems that if you're situated in any township other than Soweto you're not in Gauteng.

To give a few examples: the BRT, Soccer City, Safa House, Orlando Stadium and now Dobsonville, not to mention the shopping complexes. Soweto is the only township in Gauteng with the BRT and that speaks volumes.

If I'm wrong, please let me know because I have nothing against this popular township. All I'm asking is that the same treatment be given to all the provinces and townships.

Alexandra has a history too. We all need to be part of these improvements by our government and, as the ruling party says, together we can do more.

Ayanda Ngcatshe, Natalspruit