Charlize feels like a druggie

Charlize Theron often feels as if she has taken cocaine.

Charlize Theron often feels as if she has taken cocaine.

The Burning Plain actress constantly feels anxious about things she has said, and likens the worry to how people feel the day after they've taken illegal drugs.

She revealed to America's Vogue magazine: "People tell me that cocaine makes you feel superhuman and you'll say anything. Then, when you come down, all of a sudden you have guilt. But I have that feeling innately, even without the cocaine."

The 34-year-old star has also spoken about the public perception of her, insisting her good looks often lead people to assume she is shallow.

She explained: "This package does not describe the centre of my creamy goodness. I cut my hair short in my 20s, and people were like, 'Hmm, wait a second. Is she gay?'

"But I know how I feel about facing my own weaknesses, and playing into my weaknesses and finding that within my characters. My weaknesses are more interesting to me than my strengths."

Theron has been with her partner, actor Stuart Townsend, for nine years, and admits they have discussed starting a family. She revealed: "I just know I'm going to have five boys. We've been together so long we've kind of realised that we're going to take this journey together." - Bang