spiked drinks robberies

A MAN was arrested in Marble Hall, Limpopo, after he was found in possession of poisonous substances he allegedly used to drug people and later rob them.

The man was said to be from Hammanskraal near Tshwane.

Limpopo police spokesperson Superintendent Mohale Ramatseba said the man was arrested on Saturday after being found in possession of Coca-Cola cans that had holes underneath them. He said another person believed to be working in collusion with him had fled before police could catch him.

Police are looking for him.

Ramatseba said preliminary investigations indicated the man would allegedly buy the drinks, make a small hole in the bottome and add drugs before closing the hole.

He would offer the drinks to unsuspecting people before robbing them.

Ramatseba said they had also discovered that the suspects would enter banks pretending to be doing transactions - while they were actually looking for people withdrawing money.

After leaving the bank the men would follow their target and pretend to be police officers looking for stolen money. They would take the money from the unsuspecting person, claiming they were going to compare it to the stolen money they were looking for. Then they disappeared .

"The scam is prevalent in the Mankweng and Polokwane areas and we believe we have arrested the right person," Ramatseba said.