'Something horrible has happened to him'

The 31-year-old wife of a councillor who has been missing for 13 days says she smells a rat that something horrible has happened has happened to him.

Godfrey Mbethe, 41, of Etwatwa, Ekurhuleni, was last seen on July 22 at about 10.30am when he left home to draw money from a bank.

His wife, Gcobisa, said she last saw her husband when she said her goodbyes that morning before going to Pretoria where she is a student nurse.

"I could not call him during the day because of network problems.

"When I got home after 6pm I called him but his phone was off.

"I was not overly worried because he usually holds community meetings at around that time," she said.

"I started worrying the next morning when his phone was still off."

She said that her husband had about R23 000 in his bank account.

She said R7 000 was withdrawn from inside the bank and another R1 000 was withdrawn from an ATM.

The rest of the money in his account was cleaned out in numerous till point transactions at Eastgate mall.

She said that her husband had never not come home in their three-year marriage.

"He was a politician. If it was just a robbery he would be home by now. I think something horrible has happened to him.

"He was a good man who was loved by the community. I do not remember him having an argument with anyone," she said.

Mbethe has been a councillor in Ekurhuleni for 10 years.

Investigating officer Timothy Masilela said he was still investigating the case.

Mbethe was last seen wearing an Ekurhuleni municipality jacket, brown trousers and plain white Nike takkies.

Anyone with information can phone Masilela on 082-332-4554.