I will never vote for the DA

I HAVE been reading Nkululeko Dlamini's letters for a while and I find it disgusting that he is force-feeding us DA.

He seems to have been indoctrinated with "die swart gevaar".

Though he doesn't say it, to him things are going horribly wrong because a black government is in power. I did not know that incompetence has colour as well. I was hoping that this guy, as a black African who lives in Orange Farm, would know better.

The reasons why we vote for the ANC are far more than just service delivery. For the record, it is the ANC that restored our dignity (blacks) as human beings and as proud South Africans.

The reason why black Africans are not voting for parties like the DA is simple: experience.

These are the people who in this day and age still expect us to take orders from them. These are the people who still racially abuse us with impunity. These are the people who stock-piled food before the 1994 elections, fearing that savages would come and kill them once the ANC was in power.

These are the very same people who still firmly believe that when Nelson Mandela dies we are going to kill them.

These are the people who still do not shy away from coming into our neighbourhoods and causing mayhem, like the bombs that killed a woman in Soweto.

This is despite all the kind gestures shown by black people and assurances by various influential black leaders.

I will not vote for someone who suffers from paranoia.

Richardson Mzaidume, Pimville