Malema now a scapegoat

THE Sonke Gender Justice Network claims it seeks to eradicate the patriarchy in our society.

The organisation's recent publicity stunt, of taking ANC Youth League president Julius Malema to court, does little to eradicate gender imbalances in our society. The platform was created for both parties to clarify the issue and educate one another on gender stereotypes.

The organisation opted to take the legal route. Taking the legal route is informed by the fact that Malema has been ridiculed and portrayed as a black, unthinking buffoon who did not acquire formal colonial qualifications from one of the untransformed universities in South Africa.

It is a fact that Malema has entrenched himself in the public domain and is also popular.

The organisation is using the ANC Youth League president to raise more funds to increase the salaries of the selective-gender activists who are confronted by the current economic downturn.

By taking Malema to court the group is guaranteed free publicity and individuals who hate the leadership of the ruling party will scratch their warm pockets to help Sonke with its stunt.

If the organisation is deeply hurt by gender imbalances in our society, it would take the justice ministry to court for the prolonged gender-based violence court cases.

If Sonke is really concerned about the plight of young black women it would take to task all persons who are opposed to National Health Insurance and help people who have no access to healthcare, particularly pregnant, black women in rural areas.

Young women, mostly black, continue to be subjected to exploitation in major retail stores while the organisation is concerned about silencing Malema.

Chumile Sali,Tygerberg