Premier warns officials on laziness and idling

PREMIER Zweli Mkhize has warned civil servants that his administration will not tolerate "laziness, shuffling of papers and rocking on chairs" while people depend on them to do their jobsproperly.

Addressing officials in a packed Durban City Hall at the launch of Public Service Week, Mkhize said public servants who just waited for tea breaks, took extended lunch breaks and left work early "are not needed" in government.

"There is no place for rudeness to ordinary people or an attitude of superiority to people who are responsible for your employment and retirement package.

"And there is no space for party loyalties to determine which community will or will not receive services."

Mkhize also told officials that they should understand that President Jacob Zuma was "not a government".

"The fact that people voted for the president does not mean it is his government. Each and every clerk (working) at the window that services people is government."

Mkhize said despite the lack of resources, the community needed the government to deliver on its mandate.

"Those who are elected come and go, but officials remain to serve the public.

"Government programmes are implemented by civil servants and we want that to be done with the will of the people.

"We are facing huge challenges in budget and resources but civil servants need to understand that we need to be creative, cut down on extra costs, using our professional judgement," Mkhize said.

"Integrity, respect, honesty and hard work" are the words that should characterise a civil servant, the premier said.