Shebeen owners warned

THE Limpopo safety, security and liaison department has warned shebeen owners near schools to close shop - or face the law.

Known as Ms No-nonsense, MEC Dikeledi Magadzi said her department would crack down on shebeens operating near schools.

She said many children were exposed to alcohol, glue and marijuana and some of them bunked classes to drink liquor during school hours.

"We are aware that drug lords are also hiding behind shebeens to sell drugs during lunch break," Magadzi said.

"These are hard and merciless people working in cahoots with shebeen owners to corrupt our children

"Instead of playing sports or doing their homework, some children take drugs and end up committing crimes.

"So we decided to visit the schools and identify the shebeens that operate near them."

The education department has been working closely with safety, security and liaison to fight crime in schools.