Get a Smith

AFTER the success of the Springbok rugby team at the weekend and what is ultimately Bafana Bafana's failure in the Confederations Cup, it seems that the only way the national football team's fortunes can improve is if they get a Smith or variety of that name as captain.

Consider that the cricket side is ranked the first in One-Day Internationals and second in Tests. They alternate places with Australia in each of the versions of the game. The rugby team is second after New Zealand and they have at least one thing in common. Other than the faulty perception that they are both "white sports", they have a "Smith" and "Smit" as skipper, respectively.

So while we search for a goal-poacher for next year's Fifa World Cup it would be a bonus if the fellow's name happens to be as close as possible to being "Smith".

Perhaps then we can go back to being a top football nation.