Sadtu to probe Soweto strike

SADTU says it will deal internally with the instigators of the illegal strike that crippled Soweto schools two weeks ago.

The union said it would apply the national policy of the organisation in dealing with their members who embarked on the illegal labour action.

At a press conference yesterday, Sadtu president Thobile Ntola said they were, however, aware of the frustrations by their members that could have led to the industrial action.

"Poor management and administration that is not up to standard were to blame for the Soweto situation," said Ntola.

Sadtu said it believed that its members should be sensitive to the rights of learners and the community, even if they seek to exercise their own rights.

Union members embarked on a week-long industrial action where schools in Soweto were disrupted despite being in the middle of mid-year examinations.

The union acknowledged that industrial action should always be a last resort and that strict labour agreements and procedures should be adhered to. - Zandile Mbabela