Secrets in 20 styles for bras

WHICH country does Women'secret come from?

WHICH country does Women'secret come from?


What is the best-selling colour for lingerie?

Black and white and, to a lesser extent, skin colour. All of these colours are available in the Women'secret "mybasics" collection, an everyday underwear collection suited for women of all ages - from 13 to 60.

What five tips would you give to women to help them find the right bra size?

It is important to get yourself measured. Women'secret offers a free measuring service. Once measured and knowing your size, it's important that you find a comfortable style to suit your physique (Women's secret carries more than 20 styles of bras over 15 styles of briefs). Choose a style where:

Your bust is supported. For instance, not so tight as to make it bulge or so loose as to make it sag.

The cups of the bra must hold the breasts without compressing them.

The under wire (if there is one) does not "lift" up and go over the breasts.

The straps do not slip down or press on the shoulders.

The sideback band must be horizontal.

Remember, your main objective is to make sure that you look sexy in your chosen style of bra but at the same time that you are comfortable.

What are the three top mistakes women make when buying lingerie?

They buy the wrong size - too small or too large.

They buy the wrong style. Certain styles suite certain cup sizes. For example, a woman with larger breasts should not wear a padded push-up bra and should opt for non-padded. The padding pushes the breasts up and makes them look huge, in addition to the discomfort it would cause.

Women tend to come into the store and choose a brief that is eye- catching to them. Like a bra, it is preferable to look for a style of brief that suits you figure. For instance, a style that will compliment your bottom and hides your natural flaws. For example, a thong or G-string brief generally looks better on women who are petite with firmer, smaller bottoms, while a hipster would enhance the look and shape of an un-toned larger bottom.

What are the three top styles of lingerie you consider must-haves for all women?


underwire with foam (style 03)

push-up (style 32)

backless with underwire (style 13)


thong (style 72)

classic (style 77)

hipster-boxer (style 78)

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