Life changes for better in poor village

THE dream of a poor community in Limpopo is about to be realised after the launch of feasibility studies onconstruction and tourism projects in the area.

Muyexe village in Giyani was identified by President Jacob Zuma as one of the poorest villages in the country that needed to be improved through projects.

Zuma identified the area during his state of the nation address as an area where the government would roll out projects to improve the lives of the people.

Encouraged by Zuma's speech, the Mopani district municipality started a feasibility study of projects that would address unemployment and help fight poverty among the residents.

The construction of Nsami Dam in the area, which has provided more than 200 local people with jobs, is seen by locals as the answer to the escalating unemployment rate in the area.

Though the construction of the dam started some two years ago, more locals have been able to put bread on the table for their families and extended ones.

"By the time the projects are finished in March next year, they would have changed the lives of more than 2000 people in the area," said chief director of the department of water affairs and forestry Alson Matukane.