I think colleague is doing drugs

I AM facing a huge dilemma and hope you can help me.

I AM facing a huge dilemma and hope you can help me.

I think a colleague is using cocaine. Her work performance doesn't seem to have been affected but her mood changes all the time and her nose runs.

She never has money and has borrowed from everyone, without paying anyone back. Now no one will give her a cent.

The other day I was in the ladies and I heard her snorting in the cubicle next door. After that she was up for a while, and then down.

Should I speak to the boss about my suspicions?

Worried, Johannesburg

Sister, you should keep quiet about your concerns. Remember, you have no proof that she is doing drugs.

If you care about this colleague, ask her if she has a problem and needs help. But don't expect her to be honest as many people who have substance abuse problems cannot face their addiction.

If her performance starts to drop, the bosses will probably deal with this themselves, without your meddling.

Instead, try to coax this woman to speak about herself and help her to face her problem and support her.

Be a friend, not a betrayer.