Round-looking celebs or are they cherubs?

It WAS delightful to attend a ladies only breakfast hosted by beautiful actress Carmel Fisher - remember her?

She was to have been dumped by George Goergas, whose father used to run Sun International. Of course she was never dumped - yes, she is still with him.

We hate relationships that last too long - life is about scandal after all.

Anyway, the breakfast was too early for us party girls. It started at 11am and was organised to unite various celebrities to gain insight into something or other. Oh, something about creating a positive and sustainable impact on the world - I mean, really, what happened to frivolity - you are not politicians.

Lorcia Cooper looked stunning in a day outfit but we must insist that you wear make-up darling. It helps.

Rosie Motene of Generations fame was there looking like the Queen Mother. Darling, you are starting to age. You should look more like somebody in their 30s.

Think about Uyanda Mbuli without her outfits, which keep on ripping in public. Can you believe she calls herself a designer house owner?

On the topic of Motene, was she not meant to have fled for greener pastures overseas? Eish, but folk can lie. I wonder who started that rumour!

The food was delicious, the chats inspiring and all I hoped for was some more booze as it was a Friday after all.

It was great to see Isidingo actress Thahira Said. I was about to ask her if she misses Dini Nondumo, then remembered he was married. So I said nothing.

A great function Carmel and I love its name, Celebrity Cherubs. Some of the celebrities were looking rather round and I wondered if that inspired the name.