Fresh fish when you want it

WHERE do you get your fish from?

WHERE do you get your fish from?

We get our fresh fish from the coastline of South Africa and Mozambique.

All other seafood is sourced from all over the world, such as Portugal, Norway and Alaska, just to name but a few.

How long does it take to get the fish from the coast?

The fish is normally at our store overnight or one day after being caught.

What are the top five catches of this week?


Rock Cod

Red Snapper



How long have you been in business?

Since 1971 - so that's 38 years.

What five tips would you give to people who don't know much about seafood but are buying from a fishery for the first time?

l Go to a reputable fishery.

l Always enquire about the freshness and availability of the fish.

l Try different fish, as sometimes the fish you are looking for might be seasonal. Using alternative is no different in its preparation .

l White meat fish is juicier than red meat. Tuna, for example, is drier than kingklip.

l Sea frozen fish is just as good as fresh.