give me my money

Bongani Magasela

Bongani Magasela

BOXING legend Thulani "Sugarboy" Malinga has warned top promoter Rodney Berman to pay him more than R500000 or else ...

Malinga said yesterday: "I'm warning him because he is playing with fire.

"I've have been quiet for 11 years but my God has told me to advise Rodney Berman that now is the time for him to pay me my $75000 [about R523474].

"If Rodney wants to see how powerful my God is, then it is up to him. He will pay me more than what he should."

But the former fighter refused to say what he would do to Berman .

The Golden Gloves Promotions (GGP) boss has reported the threats to the police.

Speaking from Italy yesterday, Berman said: "I think Sugar needs psychological help. He must have lost his money through savings, and now, after 13 years, he suddenly remembers that I owe him money. I owe him nothing."

Malinga ended Briton Nigel Benn's reign as the WBC super middleweight king in 1996.

Said Malinga: "I did not even know Frank Warren [British promoter] until Rodney introduced him to me.

"I had the right to make a voluntary defence, but Berman forced me to fight Richie Woodhall.

"Woodhall was promoted by Warren. I demanded $250000 from Rodney. He gave me $175000 and said the balance would be paid in terms - add it in every title defence if I beat Woodhall," Malinga said.

"He said if I lost, then every time Woodhall defended they would deduct $25000 until the whole amount was paid up." Malinga lost to Woodhall.

"But the agreement never happened when Woodhall defended," said Malinga.