'Dad will deliver on his promises'

Zukile Majova majova@sowetan.co.za

Zukile Majova majova@sowetan.co.za

PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma's favourite daughter, Duduzile, has assured the millions of South Africans whose livelihoods depend on the success of the Zuma administration that her father will deliver.

"My dad will deliver on the ANC promises," Duduzile tells Sowetan in an exclusive interview.

Duduzile stepped into the spotlight when she testified against her father's accuser during his rape trial in 2006.

Zuma was eventually acquitted on the rape charge.

Duduzile says her father understands the plight of ordinary people and has made it his task to deliver on the ANC's many broken promises.

"He is very passionate about this country and its people," she says. "I think he understands the task at hand and is equal to it.

"He is determined to deliver on the ANC's promises and refuses to take his eyes off the job he is facing.

"I think he genuinely believes the promise that 'the people shall govern' is not just a nice slogan, it's possible."

The 27-year-old says even the recent spat with Western Cape premier Helen Zille could not distract her father from preparing to deliver to the millions who voted him into office.

"He knows he cannot afford to be distracted by people who are attacking him for no reason," she explains.

"I mean, when I read that article I noticed that she was asked a question about her cabinet and she just went for my dad and my family."

Dudu says she has lost all respect for Zille.

"I used to respect her as a female politician but towards the end of the election period I thought she was playing dirty.

"It's not just me, even Tony Leon criticised her latest attack on my dad and I think more people who used to love her agree that she crossed the line this time."

The president's daughter also lashes out at the media, saying its vendetta against her father is short-changing ordinary people who have yet to read "the real story of Jacob Zuma".

"My dad always says he wants to write his autobiography and tell his story.

"The media reports caused us great harm but we never gave up because he never gave up.

"We learnt to understand the nature of the career he has chosen and we know that politics sometimes gets dirty."

Dudu says her father "is a man of peace and bears no grudges" against the media or his "persecutors".

"My dad never stresses. At the height of his persecution, when it felt as if the whole country was against one man, he never looked stressed."

When asked to characterise her father's presidency Duduzile says Zuma has the "Madiba touch"" in him.

"It's not so much that he is the next Madiba - but I think many people have been missing the Madiba touch in South Africa. That's why they are comparing him with Madiba.

"The way I know him he has a lot of admiration for Madiba and his vision.

"I think he will do his best to pursue and revive some of Madiba's great projects - such as reconciling the nation."