Be brave and admit error, Madam Zille

Big Men, Little Minds: Madam Helen Zille's letter refers.

The ANC's strategic objective is simple and comprehensive: a united, non-sexist, non-racial, prosperous South Africa. It is premised on our history - both in its racial and gender-oppressive dimensions.

Beyond the oppression we faced as black people, women suffered triple oppression - of gender, class and race. This reality requires a deliberate programme to create an enabling environment without patronage to women so that they too can unleash their God-given potential and lead efforts to reverse oppressive tendencies.

It is very mischievous to claim that creating such platforms amounts to quotas and payment of debt. Madam Zille says the DA applies a "fitness for purpose" test for each appointment. Does this mean that in a province where women, Coloured and African people are a majority, the test could not find any women who meet the requirements?

This assertion is even more mind-boggling: "We have a mere 10 MEC positions to undertake the nigh impossible task of fixing the chaos that the ANC has left behind."

So, difficult or impossible tasks are an exclusive domain of men unless you are Madam Zille. This insult needs to be rejected with the contempt it deserves. She must admit she faltered. It is an inherent human feature. Be brave and change the decision for it cannot stand any test of time.

Mpho Gabashane, Nelspruit