Patronising Zille must leave Africa

For whites who want to identify with Africa, Helen Zille is a nightmare. Only a foreign ignoramus would identify the continent as comprising of failed states (Quotas belong to failed Africa, Sowetan, May 15).

The continent has 54 states (including Western Sahara) which parachute analysts tend to paint with the brush of about eight states in turmoil. That turmoil in itself arises from the fact that we are the only continent with artificial nations created for us by invaders. If you expect people brought "together" by foreigners to easily and peacefully consolidate, then you are expecting miracles.

But that is just what most of Africa has done. Look at Tanzania, of course not as great an economy as South Africa, but united by a great leadership philosophy from Mwalimu Julius Nyerere.

Only a fool would consider Tanzania (and many such countries) as a failed state because its peaceful existence is a big success. But if, like Zille, one parochially compares Tanzania to South Africa, whose "biggest economy in Africa" reputation arose from exploiting black labour, then one is pontificating ignorantly. This pomposity can only come from one who thinks she has nothing to learn from Africa and is here only to teach. Such patronisers don't belong in Africa and should go elsewhere.

Mwaba Phiri, Johannesburg