'Quotas belong to failed Africa'

nna Majavu

nna Majavu

DA leader Helen Zille has lashed out at the ANC's 50-50 gender equity policy, saying it is a fig leaf to "mask the oppressive culture that is dominant in our society" - and that it will lead to the same "failed states" that exist all over Africa.

Zille was speaking at a press conference in Parliament yesterday to introduce the DA's "shadow cabinet", which is made up of mainly white men, with only two black women, and a total of nine black members.

She said quotas belong with "the failed states across the continent" which were all about glitz and glamour, with no substance.

She cautioned that she might face a violent reaction as a result of the backlash from the ANC and its allies about her comments about Zuma.

"Cosatu wants to call a strike, the MK Military Veterans Association says they will make the Cape ungovernable.

"The same thing happened in 2006 when we won the local elections, and at the first meeting I had . people threw chairs at me and threatened me with a knife."